Our promise to you
  • Fast, efficient turn around
  • Regular tax efficiency reviews
  • Personable, approachable service
  • Only pay for the services you need
  • Dedicated accountant to each client
  • Full business support service
  • Approachable and committed to your success


We adopt a transparent pricing structure so that we only charge you for time actually spent doing the work for you. Consistent with our ethos of no surprises, your bill will never be more than 10% greater than your estimate and in most cases is generally less!

We aim to practice what we preach by keeping overheads to a minimum. Strict cost control enables us to pass on lower fees to our clients so that you get a great service and a extremely resonable price. This is one of the many reasons why we are normally cheaper than most high street accountancy practices.

Because we price on a client by client basis, it is difficult to provide an exact quotation. However, see below a list of examples that should help you appreciate what you can expect to pay.

Sole trader:  David works within the construction industry, incurs little expense and generally works for the same contractor. He requires an accountant to conduct his tax return as quickly as possible so that he can reclaim his rebate. Fee = £195 per tax return

Contractor accounts: Bob, a IT consultant who is sole director of his own limited company, providing his services full time for a large multinational corporation. He requires an accountant to prepare a set of year end limited company accounts, calculate his tax and provide advice on the tax efficient way of extracting money from his company. Fee = £450.

New start up venture: Mr Brown would like to set a new Ltd company selling widgets. He is new to business and does not expect there to be many transactions in his first year, but would like some advice on how to get started and someone to manage to company reporting requirements going forward. Fee = £395.

Small but established company: Mr and Mrs Smith run a small office cleaning business. They use the same suppliers and have few customers and require an accountant to produce their accounts, prepare vat returns, manage their payroll and complete both the company and directors personal tax returns. Fee = £695.

Larger company: Mr Brown runs a limited liability construction company with his brother. They have in excess of 50 transactions a month with lots of suppliers and customers. They require an accountant to do their bookkeeping, submit Vat returns, manage payroll,  prepare their annual accounts and complete all tax returns. Cost = £1,295.

Tailored services: ABC ltd is a medium sized company with profits of £1m per year. They have their own accounts department, but require an accountant to review their month end internal control procedures, assist with the year end close and preparation of annual statutory accounts. Fee of £600 per day.


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